Corn Ambassador Training


This new training option is directed at association recruiters, up-and-coming leaders, new board members, and any corn leaders in your state who would benefit from training focused on communications and extolling the virtues of farming and corn associations to external audiences (social media, politicians, consumers) and fellow farmers (recruiting).  State corn associations may submit as many individuals as they wish for the Corn Ambassador Program.


Attendees will network with corn leaders from across the country and learn more about how to support American agriculture and their corn associations.  Top trainers will help them understand how to work with fellow farmers and communicate with consumers and promote their farms through social media. The training will also help them understand their personal communications style and the importance of grassroots advocacy.


Dates:  July 21-23, 2020


Location: TBD


Course of study: Understanding agriculture’s role in America and globally; personal communications styles; why people buy and buy-in; policy and political advocacy; using social media to promote agriculture; and the role of state and national associations.


How to apply: Please complete the online application by Friday, March 20, 2020. If you have any questions, please contact Steve Uram.